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Aptiv raises stakes on self-driving

Global automotive supplier Aptiv has staked permanent roots in Las Vegas, which keeps roughly 75 self-driving vehicles on public roads there.

Syd Mead's vision was one of a kind

I was struck by the design characteristics of Syd's Hypervan and those of Elon Musk's Tesla Cybertruck. Syd's van takes its shape from its function; one wonders what Syd might have created as Musk's Cybertruck solution.

Luminar lights up lidar for AV highway

The company's latest product, Hydra, combines sensing, software and computing into a single platform tailor-made for mountainous highway environments.

Do I hear $3 million for Corvette Stingray 0001?

The CEO of private auto-retail giant Hendrick Automotive Group this month secured another rare gem for his collection of classic and performance vehicles: the very first 2020 Corvette Stingray.

Dealertrack DMS to fold in Hireology services

Hireology and Dealertrack are partnering to integrate Hireology's payroll and human resources software into Dealertrack's dealer management system.