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More crossovers join Mini lineup

The brand is known for its iconic small cars, but it is now adding roomier crossovers to its lineup — a nod to shifting consumer tastes in the U.S.

Million-miler keeps trucking

Nissan gave an Illinois man a new Frontier so it could memorialize his old one, which racked up 1 million miles on its original four-cylinder engine and five-speed manual transmission.

Arizona a ‘guinea pig' in case involving access to DMS data

The outcome of a lawsuit over control of data could have ramifications beyond the state, where a state law is being challenged.

New Hampshire says, live free or fly

The state is the first to let its citizens operate a flying car on public roads, if they could actually buy one.

Aurora Innovation prefers to go it alone on advanced tech

CEO Chris Urmson thinks it's better to operate free of automaker partners to get his autonomous-drive technology into the market.