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Magna must revisit its strategy, vision

From the perspective of the greenfield electric vehicle industry, the Veoneer remnants may burden Magna with dependence on an outdated mobility model, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Residual value risk amid EV transition: Will history repeat itself?

In the past few years, EV residual values have been improving along with their driving range. On the other hand, the residual values of ICE vehicles have not yet been impacted by the competition from EVs. This will likely change over the next few years.

GMC Hummer EV pickup redefines what a big truck can do

Engineers have somehow made the giant truck an agile vehicle that is easy to drive and doesn't feel like a 9,000-pound vehicle.

‘Agency' plan boomerangs on Mercedes

A majority of dealers in Australia have banded together to file a nearly $500 million lawsuit against the automaker.

AutoNation's record Q3 earnings: Balancing inventory woes, growth

The retail giant boosted used-vehicle sales and revenue as new-vehicle sales slid amid the ongoing chip shortage.

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