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Reese Witherspoon picks books for Buicks

Buick's infotainment system will have podcasts and audiobooks from "Reese's Book Club" built into it to help the brand reach more female consumers.

EU darkens Rolls hood ornament

Rolls-Royce has stopped selling a $4,558 glowing version of its "Spirit of Ecstasy" on vehicles sold in Europe in response to a crackdown on light pollution.

Former GM exec Barry Engle discusses his latest project, Qell

The executive, who left GM this summer after 15 months at the helm of North America operations, is CEO of Qell Acquisition Corp., a special-purchase acquisition company he recently co-founded.

Acura pushes upmarket with performance-focused redesigns

With new generations of its NSX, RDX, TLX and MDX models, the luxury brand marks a milestone in the return to its performance roots.

Tax evasion storm swirls around Reynolds CEO

Bob Brockman, longtime chairman and CEO of Reynolds and Reynolds Co., remained in charge of the dealership management system giant while he faces U.S. tax evasion, money laundering and other charges tied to an alleged two-decade scheme to dodge paying taxes on $2 billion in income.